Pro Skills Basketball has created the ultimate guide for those players willing to invest the time and energy that it takes to become a great shooter. Our free ebook is designed to help players learn how to coach themselves and understand the nuances of shooting the basketball. No shortcuts, no gimmicks!

Free Guide Includes

• Detailed shooting form instruction with pictures
• Mental tips for developing a shooter’s mentality
• Exercises to develop a shooter’s body


“The PSB Shooting program really helped me figure out the major problems with my shot and learn ways to fix them…all while developing a shooter’s mentality!”
“The PSB Shooting program offered specialized training and techniques that assisted my son in improving his shot and provided him with the confidence needed to improve his overall game.”
“With the current climate of AAU leagues focusing on winning, PSB should be applauded for committing its resources to train its players for a specific skill.”
“After working with a PSB Shooting Coach I felt so much more comfortable and confident shooting in games. It was a lot of work, but the payoffs I experienced were so worth it!”

Video Upgrade for only $49.99!

Pair your Ultimate Shootin Guide with
video guidance and a drill calendar.

• A year’s worth of daily assignments
• Videos covering drills & competitions
• Email reminders to help you stay on track

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